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Purchase upholstery fabric online

Posted by Slabs On March - 26 - 2010

The web caters to every need possible, from obtaining loans to purchasing a brand new pair of shoes. Dealers, sellers and buyers find it easy to purchase and sell practically anything online.  You don’t have to drive all the way to the store to get that upholstery fabric you’ve always wanted for your living room sofa.

Purchasing online is as easy as counting from one to three plus the prices are usually cheaper than what retail stores have to offer.

Vinyl upholstery fabric

Purchase vinyl upholstery fabric at MJTrends.com

Here are a few pointers to follow before you give out credit card details online. Always make sure that the site where you are considering purchasing upholstery fabric is an eligible and trustworthy business. How? Simply read previous buyer’s comments on the comment page or better yet, use trustworthy search engine optimized sites such as Yahoo, MSN, or Google.

After finding the site that holds all the options for the fabric you want, it is a good idea to check their policies and procedures.  Is there a restocking fee, can you order samples, how much is shipping, and what are the shipping options and delivery times?

It is vital to always check the quality of the item you will be purchasing. Every item shown will include details about the product and sometimes a quality rating that is described by a quantity of stars. If you want to purchase fabric for a basement bar or for your first baby’s bedroom, then make sure you have two or better yet three definitive choices in the event that something may occur and the item you desire is not in stock or available.

Upholstery fabric may look different on hand than what you thought you saw online. Take note that pictures on the internet may vary due to lighting effects of the camera and your specific monitor. It is usually a good idea to order a swatch first.

Faux snake skin upholstery fabric

MJTrends: faux snake skin upholstery fabric

So before you jump onto the bandwagon of online purchasing, make sure you understand all the details and the issues involved.  Check out the sites policies and try to get a physical sample before making a big purchase.  We recommend MJTrends.com – they are a trustworthy and high quality site you can trust.

Gothic black vinyl

Posted by Slabs On March - 26 - 2010

Lately every individual you meet on the street just loves the color black, even on their nails.  Incorporating a black color theme in homes is a growing trend and something you may be interested in for yourself.

If you look up the word Goth in the dictionary it gives the following definition: a style of rock and punk with a mash up of the colors white, silver and black plus metal accessories.  Black is a versatile piece that goes with virtually any color and makes any room elegant.  Simply mix it up with music and metal and you get Goth. This theme is perfect for your teen’s room, a basement bar, music room, or even in your own living room if that’s your style.

So what fabrics and upholstery give off the feel of Goth? A simple black leather couch with metal embellishments could scream Goth but it doesn’t just end with the furniture. A complete décor includes the rug, window embellishments, floor, walls up to the smallest details such as the lamp, lamp shade, vase and even the ash tray.

Incorporate Goth decor in a bar and use lighting that elicits a rock and roll stage – think spotlights and colored bulbs.  Get posters of your favorite band and try to mix it up with a touch of elegance, such as black mixed with silver rather than white. The possibilities are endless.

Black leather is another great choice for Goth inspired upholstery and offers resistance to spills and stains and some can even be sunlight resistant. The same pointers apply to home decor when purchasing new items or updating the look of a room. It would be inappropriate if you placed a Gothic-looking couch in a preppy inspired pink and blue pastel colored room which is why it is important to stick to one theme in designing or updating a room.

As mentioned, black doesn’t have to be the sole color of the decoration used.  The colors may range from silver to white to gray as long as the colors blend, match, and mesh well with the color black to give the correct feel.

For those of you who wish to be different or are already different in the way you dress, speak or act, then try making even your home unique and quite different than the rest.  Your house gives detailed information about the person living in it.  Gothic inspired looks for a house scream out the characteristics of a person who wishes to be different but makes sure that their styles still speak classic and elegance.

Advantages of Vinyl Material

Posted by Slabs On March - 26 - 2010

Are you looking to update your home? One way to freshen the look of your home is by simply updating the fabric your furniture is covered in. Changing the upholstery by modifying the fabric covering your furniture gives a great change to any boring old room. Nowadays everyone wants to save money and the most inexpensive way to go is by doing it yourself. Vinyl adds a look of freshness and easily updates that boring couch.

Fake leather upholstery fabric

MJTrends.com: Faux leather fabric

Vinyl can totally transform the image of an old couch and freshen the look by giving it a shiny and glossy finish. In terms of function, vinyl is quite durable as a fabric used for upholstery since it is spill and stain resistant.

Unlike ordinary fabric used on ordinary sofas, vinyl does not absorb water which makes it great for upholstery especially if you have kids in the house who are prone to spilling. Vinyl does not fade easily like other fabrics when exposed to sunlight. If it happens that it does fade, simply buff it up and it will go back to its lively gloss finish.

Vinyl, also know as PVC, is glossy and non porous plus it is quite flexible providing for a range of uses which is why it is not only found in fabric upholstery but on table tops as well.

It is easily managed and does not need much maintenance when it comes to cleaning. Unlike ordinary fabric which you need to wash and rotate in cleanings, vinyl only needs buffing once in a month for it to get back its shine or glossy finish.

PVC has a lot of color choices to choose from. From an elegant black or pure white, there are a ton of options to select from to create a totally new look for your sofa or upholstery without having to spend much money.


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