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Upholstery ideas for vinyl fabric

Posted by Slabs On August - 18 - 2010

When it comes to durable, versatile material for upholstery, patent vinyl and plastic fabric offer furniture designers and hobbyists a host of possibilities.  Patent vinyl and plastic fabric can be fabricated in any color or pattern, as well in a large variety of textures, and are one of the most affordable and widely available upholstery materials on the marketplace today.

Unlike wool, nylon and other materials, patent vinyl and plastic fabric rarely cause an allergic reaction, making them some of the best upholstery materials for medical and educational facilities, as well as households in which one or more family members suffers from allergies.  In addition, they are extremely easy to clean, making patent vinyl and plastic fabric attractive upholstery options for bar and restaurant furniture, and furniture for public places such as airports and government buildings.  In addition, patent vinyl is often used in the form of faux leather as an animal-friendly option that still provides the look and feel of real leather.

Vinyl fabric used for bar stools and chairs.Patent vinyl is extremely well suited for restaurant booths and bar furniture, as it strongly resembles leather and offers the same strength and durability without the extensive upkeep leather requires.  Many restaurants and bars opt for the classic red we all associate with a traditional Mom & Pop’s diner.  A classic red with bold stitching offers a comfortable yet bold look for a restaurant booth, and the thickness of the patent vinyl allows for firm seat bolstering.

Bar stools in the same color offer the same feeling of comfort and stability, and form a visual invitation to customers to pull up at the bar and order something good.  For a more modern look, a lighter color such as a lime green, with more delicate stitching, offers a light hearted atmosphere for a cocktail bar or lunch room.  One of the main advantages to patent vinyl and plastic fabric is that one color can easily be combined with another, so it’s simple to create patterns for a unique and fun look.  Create stripes or diamond forms for chair seats and backs, and combine them with a chrome frame and table for a truly elegant look.

Patent vinyl and plastic fabric is also a favorite material for retro furniture.  The fifties were all about crazy colors, smooth curves and elegant design.  Iconic designs of the time have lost none of their appeal to today’s public, and both original 50s designs as well as reproductions can be seen in many homes, cafes, salons and stores today.

If you need to re-upholster original designs, you can order patent vinyl or plastic fabric in the same color, or choose another color for a different look.  Always remember to consult with your upholsterer before you choose a material and a color, to ensure the best possible results, as well as to maintain the value of original retro pieces.

The use of patent vinyl and plastic fabric in modern design and interior decorating has reached true creative heights in the past decades.  Furniture designers and interior decorators looking to combine both form and function with hypo-allergenic and durable materials have adopted patent vinyl and plastic fabric as one of the staples of their toolkits.  From ottomans and armchairs to children’s furniture and shower curtains, practically every piece of furniture is available in an innovative design that is both durable and affordable.

No matter whether you’re a hobbyist looking to restore a favorite chair, or a professional designer in search of the perfect material for a new design, patent vinyl and plastic fabric come in a wide range of textures and a rainbow of colors that can complement any interior while giving it a fresh, clean look.


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