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Patent Vinyl Upholstery Ideas

Posted by Slabs On December - 17 - 2012

Patent vinyl gives off a nice sheen that allows the fabric to make an item stand out. This is why it is used for shoes, handbags, leggings, and skirts. It draws the attention toward that item. Patent vinyl is used in replace of genuine leather not only because it is more animal friendly, but also because it is so versatile.patent vinyl fabric.

The same concept that designers are going for with using patent vinyl for clothing can be used in home and office decorating. The look of the vinyl will draw the eye towards that item and that section of the room.

patent vinyl upholstery fabric.

Other decoration options can be created with vinyl bedding, sofas, place mats, shower curtains, pillows, and a lot more. Because patent vinyl is so versatile, it can be turned in to any object you desire.

An upholstered patent vinyl sofa creates a great key piece for a room. Since it is such a large piece of furniture, the sofa is typically the first thing you notice when you walk in to a living room or office. Therefore, you want it to be a strong piece that does not have to be hidden behind blankets or pillows, even though those add a nice touch.
If you already have a great couch or you don’t want a vinyl one, an accent chair in vinyl is another great direction to go. Vinyl comes in a broad range of colors which means you could have a neutral colored couch and a vibrant chair to contrast it.

Patent vinyl can be incorporated in the bedroom as well with a covered headboard or used to make decorative pillows on the bed. In the kitchen, vinyl can be used as easy-to-clean placemats. The bathroom can also be decorated with vinyl in the form of a shower curtain.

Vinyl can be used to be accent pieces in the home like pillows and curtains or it can be used to be the spotlight piece like a couch or armchair. Wherever you put it, vinyl can make a room unique and stylish.

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