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Posted by Slabs On March - 26 - 2010

In most American homes there is usually a master bedroom, the child’s room, a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and the basement and attic. And while the basement can be dingy and mostly unused, we recommend that you turn it into something way different: A basement bar.

Vinyl upholstery fabric

Rather than spending money going out with friends and having to line up to enter a bar, why not turn that basement into your own bar? You could save car money and $$$ on buying a drink that doesn’t even compare to the Margarita your buddy can whip up plus you won’t have to worry about that drive home since you would be safe in your own home drinking and partying all night long with friends.

Now, before creating your own bar the first item you need to select is fabric. Upholstery and drapery fabric adds to the feel of a bar, thus if you want a similar feel to your favorite hangout then you need to choose carefully.

There are a variety of choices of fabric to choose from, including fabric with different textures and patterns with many different uses, from clothing to upholstery. Fabric is divided into three different categories where they are created as follows: natural or plant fiber, manmade fiber and finally a mix or blend of the two.

Cotton is a popular item used for clothing and not the best option for upholstery since it ignites easily, so I suggest you eliminate this one from your list, especially with all of the cigarette butts that might be around. Another plant fiber is linen which can pose similar problems as cotton but the difference is that the plant fibers are longer than cotton and as with cotton, linen is not a good fabric option for a basement bar since it ignites easily. Silk and wool are also plant fibers used in manufacturing fabric and are not good choices for fabric in a basement bar so let us proceed to manmade fibers used in manufacturing fabric.

Manmade fibers include acetate, which is derived from cellulose or wood fiber which is also not a good option. The same goes for acrylic, which is made from petroleum and natural gas – these burn rapidly so watch out. A single cigarette dropped onto this kind of fabric would easily cause a fire so this fabric choice can be eliminated as well. Other manmade fabrics that easily burn are nylon, polyester, and rayon. A basement bar is a room that can be filled with smoke and cigarettes and fabric that are easily flammable are not a good option.

Fake leather upholstery fabric

MJTrends.com: Faux leather fabric

The best option so far would be a manmade plastic based material known as vinyl. Vinyl is a plastic based material produced by polymerizing compounds containing the group of vinyl, specifically polyvinyl chloride.  Although it may still ignite if put to direct flame, it is fire retardant and will smolder instead of flaming up.  Along with patent vinyl, another great option for a basement bar would be leather ranging in several designs and textures such as snakeskin.


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