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Upholstery vinyl fabric

Patent Vinyl

Posted by Slabs On March - 26 - 2010

Vinyl, which is best known as PVC or poly vinyl chloride, dates back to World War II and was produced by three important processes. The first step involves a chemical process where vinyl chloride and monomer are produced. Several units of monomer undergo the process of polymerization before it is combined with certain additives, finally forming PVC.

Upholstery vinyl fabric

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PVC was normally manufactured as a white fine powder and was used as a seal that was shock absorbent. Due to its effectiveness, strength and durability, PVC replaced commercial products derived from rubber. In the modern world, vinyl is used on virtually everything from floors, roofs, windows, doors, clothes and of course upholstery fabric.

This glossy and non-porous material has earned its way into the fashion industry covering clothes, bags and home decoration such as furniture or upholstery. So what is the use of patent vinyl when it comes to upholstery?  It is used to update and freshen the look of furniture to make it look different than the everyday items you see in stores.

It is a great fabric to use at home since it is easily manageable and maintenance free. It comes in different designs and patterns and can even be customized to your liking. PVC adds originality to your home furnishings. Colors ranging from fiery red to elegant black allow your imagination run wild.

Before you go and buy a bolt, you should understand that there are two different types of vinyl fabric. Stretch PVC and patent vinyl are quite different from each other. Stretch PVC stretches in virtually any direction while patent vinyl is significantly thicker and has almost no stretch.

Patent vinyl is best used to upholster furniture or to create purses and hand bags. If you want a well built finish for chairs or a vinyl sofa or couch your best choice would be patent vinyl. Aside from form, its quite durable which is why many home owners choose this fabric instead of others.

Patent vinyl is versatile, inexpensive and quite flexible in use. It is easily available for purchase in do–it-yourself shops and even on the web. So if you wish to update the look of a boring sofa in your living room, then patent vinyl fabric is what you should opt for.

Modern vinyl fabric available at MJTrends.com

Modern vinyl fabric available at MJTrends.com

When thinking about updating a stale look why not change the look and feel of your house simply by modifying the fabric of your upholstery instead of purchasing a new couch.  Keep in mind that before you purchase any fabric for a major overhaul you should establish a theme and from there on it can be quite easy to visualize what your room will look like.


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