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Posted by Slabs On March - 26 - 2010

Getting tired of the boring lines, circles and swirls on your sofa? Have you ever wondered if there are better options for a fabric to cover that couch of yours? Well look no further because reptile print is a great option. These embossed fabrics vary in style from snake skin designs including pythons and cobras, to crocodile fabric and even lizard prints.

Snake skin print fabric

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Reptile prints are a great centerpiece in a basement bar, lounge room, or night club. For those of you with a daring personality they can also be used in your living room.  Stools in bars that have been upholstered with snakeskin look very cool plus any other reptile pattern or fabric used in upholstery gives out the impression of sophistication and class when in the right hues and mixed in with complimentary fabrics.

Working on your own personal basement bar?  This type of fabric is an excellent choice but take note that the trick here is to be subtle. Covering everything in your basement bar or upholstery in your living room with reptile printed fabric is not subtle and can be overpowering.

Since reptile prints or skins already provide a unique pattern and are quite distinct enough to the human eye, any other form of embellishment would make it look over the top. Another key point to keep in mind is to stick to the earthy or neutral colors and soft fabrics when purchasing complimentary items, if your goal is to create a blended and subtle look for your room.  Reptile prints and patterns add a sense of style to any abode and it conveys intrigue. The print and pattern is normally what most people focus on but the texture is an important component to keep in mind.

Upholstery isn’t the only thing reptile or snakeskin fabric can cover.  Combining reptile fabric with faux leather in neutral tones such as cream or beige, can add edge and style to upholstered car seats, while remaining sophisticated and suitable enough for a living room armchair or sofa.

If applied to leather like fabric or material with colors ranging from deep green to red, reptile prints can add a sense of sensuality to the simplest of living room items such as a throw pillow. If you want more  edge and style, and need a hard texture for upholstering something like an ottoman, then a crocodile embossed fabric would be a good fit.

Seats are not the only items reptile patterns and skins can easily upholster. Tables can be a lot of the fun to upholster in reptile skins and patterns. The well-known brand Graham & Greene designs of  contemporary coffee tables made everyone want faux snakeskin fabric. Imagine a coffee table bound in faux snakeskin fabric in the color cream plus embellished on a stainless steel frame – there you have it, Graham & Greene’s beautiful contemporary coffee table inspired by reptile pattern and prints.

Alligator fabric

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Car seats, sofas, stools in your basement bar and even tableware are items that reptile skin has touched its scales on thus making a great statement in decorating your home. Boring is no longer the word for your living room if you use these items.

Reptile prints are versatile and of great use in updating the look of your upholstery. They create mystique and intrigue due to the pattern and texture of the fabric. Despite the growing demand for the fabric, the way it is harvested threatens the lives of many species of reptiles, which is why manufacturers have opted for creating fabric that exude the same texture and pattern such as faux reptile fabric and faux snakeskin.  Checkout MJTrends.com for faux reptile prints and fabrics.


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